U.L. Recognized Solutions

Flexo-Graphics maintains UL certifications for recognized label component systems in the United States and Canada. Markings apply to UL materials that Flexo-Graphics sources from a variety of brand name material providers including: 3M, Avery-Fasson, Flexcon, UPM-Raflatac, MacTac, IIMAK, Dai Nippon, Sony and others.

These certifications include “Recognized Repackager” authorization for die cutting and slitting a wide array of UL labels, materials and components. Only those components which properly bear the Recognized Markings are considered Recognized Components by Underwriters Laboratories.

These UL Files can be found on www.UL.com under Flexo-Graphics.

Company Name: Flexo-Graphics
Category Name: Authorized Label Suppliers Program
Link to File: PGAA.LP2257

Company Name: Flexo-Graphics
Category Name: Marking and Labeling Systems – Component
Link to File: PGDQ2.MH28366

Company Name: Flexo-Graphics
Category Name: Printing Materials – Component
Link to File: PGJI2.MH27685

Company Name: Flexo-Graphics
Category Name: Repackaged Recognized Components
Link to File: TEOU2.E332936

Company Name: Flexo-Graphics
Category Name: Repackaged Recognized Components Certified for Canada
Link to File: TEOU8.E332936

Under the “Authorized Label Suppliers Program” Flexo-Graphics Offers These UL Product Categories:

PGDQ2 — Marking and Labeling Systems – Component
PGGU2 — Marking and Labeling System Materials – Component
PGIS2 — Marking and Labeling Systems, Limited Use – Component
PGJI2 — Printing Materials – Component