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Private label brands packaging

Private label brands’ packaging requires the same attention as packaging for big box brands. The smaller private label brands have grown in popularity and they need to make sure they differentiate themselves on the store shelf using great visual impact and design, while still keeping their brand integrity.

At Flexo-Graphics we have vast experience working with private labelers and co-packers. Most important is to make sure you get all of the details in order so that when you do produce labels they look great and meet the expectation of the end customer. Just as important they need to work smoothly in the application at the filler. It’s very important to make sure the production process runs smoothly so the product can ship on time to the store for the consumer to purchase.

Advantages we can offer private label brands:

  • Consistent Color matching – every time
  • End-to-End Solutions and Support
  • Innovative ideas for your product
  • Inventory Management System

Flexo-Graphics has been serving this market for years, please reach out with your next project.

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