Peel and Reseal Labels


Peel and Reseal Labels

Peel and reseal labels may not generate a lot of hype, but can be found all around you just by taking a minute to look around. These labels are frequently designed for hard-to-hold wipe applications and food-based reseal applications to provide an area for additional text or graphics. These labels are highly engineered due to the functional nature of the label and the branding elements.

As consumers continue to rely on packaging that is portable and easy to open, industries such as personal care and dry food goods use this option to ensure the right amount of convenience. With the convenient features of peel & reseal labels, it’s easy to see why consumers enjoy this type of label.

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Label Applications:

      • Wet Wipe or Antiseptic Wipes Tabs
      • Product container Reclosures
      • Product Safety Warnings
      • Product Details & Usage Instructions
      • Recipe Suggestions
      • Prepackaged Food Products
      • Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical containers

Peel-Reseal Benefits

Peel & Reseal options deliver benefits in a number of areas and industries, plus consumers have grown accustomed to the provided convenience. We offer several choices to ensure your product easily meets consumer needs.

  • Affordable – Flexo-Graphics and their team of in-house designers can produce a fully customized label that won’t break the bank. Flexo-Graphics handles design, management, and printing all in housekeeping overhead low, resulting in budget-friendly labels without sacrificing quality.
  • Resealable – These labels can be resealed, allowing the user to maintain the quality of the product and continue to receive the full benefits.
  • Easy Access – Resealable labels can be quickly and easily opened and sealed. This allows your consumers to easily grab the product, on the go, in the car, or while shopping, without having to struggle with the packaging. Peel and reseal labels also help extend the shelf life of your product.
  • Full Customization – Flexo-Graphics’ labels can be fully customized to fit specific dimensions, include brand-specific colors and logos, or include product information and safety warnings.
  • Reduces Food Waste – Peel and reseal labels keep food products such as lunch meats, prepackaged cheese, and snack packs fresh, reducing food waste.

Flexo-Graphic Label Solutions

If you are looking for the perfect label company for your products, contact Flexo-Graphics here. Flexo-Graphics and their skilled team of designers will work hand-and-hand with your brand to create the best labels and packaging for your needs, without breaking the bank. Call us today to learn more!

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