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Today’s consumers are more health-conscious due to increasing awareness of what is in food and what our bodies need for proper nutrition. Almost half of all Americans use nutraceuticals and vitamins as a cost-effective way to stay healthy. Some of the products in this category include vitamins and supplements, protein powders, drink powders to enhance your exercise routine, and many other products to bridge the gap in what they are not getting from their daily diet. Flexo-Graphics provide custom nutraceutical printing label services that help you get the attention of customers.

If you are looking to reach customers in this booming industry, then the right nutraceutical label is important for grabbing their attention. The label is the best way to interact with your customer and earn their trust in your product. The competition is fierce and the overall look of your packaging will be the first thing a consumer will see on the store shelves.

Flexo-Graphics can help you create a unique nutraceutical label for your brand:

  • Ability to reproduce High-End Graphics every time
  • Using Specialty Inks and Varnishes to enhance the overall look and feel of your brand
  • The ability to use overlaminates as a way to achieve a look you are striving for as well as ultimate label protection/scuff resistance in transit
  • Using finishes and overlaminates to create a tone-on-tone look for your label
  • Multiple Base Material Options – Clear, White, and Metallics are the most common. Intriguing tactile effects are also available by using unique linen and textured paper material.

With more consumers turning to all-natural alternatives than ever, the demand for noticeable, eye-catching custom labels will continue to grow. Our team will help you design the perfect label with the right stock, graphic elements, and finishes to ensure your label stands out among the competition. Set your products apart contact our Wisconsin labeling company to learn how we can help your product get the attention it deserves.

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