Medical & Healthcare Labels

medical healthcare labels

Medical Device and Product labels have a high standard of guidelines to live up to. Flexo-Graphics has produced many unique label constructions that have been used in many different medical applications. The labels are all very different in need and requirement. Some serve a functioning purpose on a device.

Medical instruction labels 

We produce instruction labels for medical kits and devices as well as the booklet label you commonly see on an over the counter drug or vitamin. Intricate die-cuts and very tight measurement specs are very common as is product sterilization once the label is applied.

We understand the quality of the label print, as well as the material, are very important to the success of your end product. We take extra steps in our quality inspection for products that require this kind of precision. We will document measurements, any die-cutting requirements when needed as well as special inspections and packaging.

Common types of medical labels we produce include:

  • Extended Content labels / Booklet Labels
  • Piggyback Labels
  • Security and Tamper-Proof features
  • QR Codes to provide information on line
  • Transparent Window
  • Adhesive Deadening
  • Micro Text to prevent counterfeiting

When it comes to attention to detail for your product, we understand the importance and we are here to help. Please contact us with your application and we will help find the right label for your product need.

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