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Industrial Labels

Industrial labels must be able to maintain readability and adhesion when exposed to certain weather conditions, chemicals, or used in rugged environments. When you are trying to achieve the right label for these conditions, several qualities are imperative including:

  • Material Durability
  • Exposure Resistance
  • Adhesive Sustainability
  • Applied Protective Finishes


Industrial labels have numerous applications ranging from product testing and certification to applied product or equipment warnings. The label’s ability to maintain itself in rigorous environments, under certain exposure conditions, and through general wear is essential. At Flexo-Graphics, we offer several industrial labeling solutions including the following choices:

  • Warning & Danger Labels
  • UL Labels
  • Chemical Resistant Labels
  • Weather Resistant Labels
  • Nameplate & Decal Labels

Expert Industrial Labeling Solutions

Our labeling solutions offer the durability necessary to remain intact and readable over a long period of time under extreme conditions. Whether you need UL 969 approved label construction or materials to support unique exposure environments, our team will ensure you get the right label for the job.

Flexo-Graphics has more than 30 years of experience in both digital and flexographic industrial printing methods. Our team will work with you to find the right labeling solution for your specific application needs.

Are you looking for a label that needs long-lasting staying power?

Need a UL 969 approved label construction?

Does the label need to endure harsh chemicals and unique environmental exposures?

Using both our digital and flexo printing capabilities, we can find a label suitable for those tough applications.

We’d love to help! Please contact us.

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