Extended Content Labels


Extended Content Labels

As regulations and other changes have dictated how much information you have to display on your labels, there is a constant need for more compact options to properly convey information to end-users.

Businesses have many design choices to achieve compact labeling needs and these options include booklets or multi-layer labels. Expanded content labels such as these fit on a smaller space without taking away from your print area. They provide the ability to include two or more areas of content, which may be expanded for viewing as needed.

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Extended Content Label Applications

  • Labels that Include Multiple Languages
  • Recipe Labels
  • Instruction Labels
  • Promotional Labels

Booklet Content Labels

A booklet design contains several pages of information and is small enough to fit on a bottle or small box. Multi-layer hinged labels offer the ability to peel off the top portion to access more information. Once the reader has finished, they can reseal the label to ensure it does not get in their way. Unhinged multi-layer labels may be peeled all the way off and then reapplied. These choices make it easier to achieve content needs regardless of the available area.

Multi-layer Content Labels

Multi-layer content labels allow more information to be part of the label and also provide additional room for creativity when it comes to marketing products. The biggest benefit of booklets and multi-layer labels is they deliver a large content area regardless of how much labeling space shrinks. Whether an extra page is needed or several, this choice will cover any limited space needs.
At Flexo-Graphics, we understand how important it is to get the right message across to customers. If you are struggling with shrinking space, our team will help you to make the most of what is available. We offer several labeling options and would love to help you with this transition!

Extended Content Label Benefits

Expanded content labels make it possible to meet the ever-expanding labeling industry requirements in very limited spaces. They also provide a unique opportunity to advertise and pique interest in shrinking the labeling space. Additionally, booklets and multi-layer designs offer several advantages including the ability to encourage product registration, provide accurate documentation, and include additional company details.

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