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Are you looking for a great label to match your favorite Wine, Spirits, or Craft Beer beverage? We know there are many avenues to choose from – Are you striving for an Elegant look or maybe something with a Premium or Bold feature that is more fitting. No matter what look you are trying to achieve, our beverage labeling company can help. We understand that your label needs to be as unique as your product to appeal to consumers of all ages time and time again.

Our expert beverage labeling company understands how important each decision is when creating the perfect label for your product. To stand out, companies must be able to create a custom design using the right materials and effects to describe your product and ultimately your brand.

The following factors should be considered carefully when labeling your products:

  • Container Type
  • Application Surface
  • Base Materials, textured papers, and Metallics
  • Graphic Design
  • Unique Finishes and Overlaminates
  • Unique Batch Numbers -“ Bottle 10 of 300” printed on your label

Eye-catching and durable beverage labels

Beyond standing out on the shelf, it’s imperative that the label can withstand the environment it will be exposed to. Your product will need to withstand shipping, cold temperatures, moisture and possibly an ice bucket. We are familiar with these environments and we can help you choose the right label construction that will fit the needs of your product and what it will have to endure.

We provide both short-run beverage labels for your new product launches utilizing our digital presses as well as long-run production on our flexo presses. We have many different materials as well as many die shapes and sizes. If we do not have your exact size we can help you create a custom die size to fit a unique bottle so you can easily apply your labels.

When promoting new items or trying to provide awareness for an old item that the consumer may not recognize you can use several different Marketing Tools to bring awareness to your products. Our experienced beverage labeling company can provide several different products to match your label and improve customer awareness.

Some of these products include:

  • Keg Collars
  • Tap Handle Labels
  • Tamper Evident Seals
  • Neck Hangers

Flexo-Graphics has been producing flexo and digitally printed labels for over 30 years. We thrive in this evolving market and want to help you with your unique label needs.

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