What is a UL Sticker?

If you’ve ever manufactured and sold anything in the United States, you know how important it is to produce a quality product or part. Many manufacturers invest significant time and money into rigorous testing of their products. They do this for several reasons, such as ensuring a product is of high quality and meets or exceeds technical or safety standards. But one of the main reasons manufacturers put their product through the wringer is to qualify to receive the coveted UL sticker. What is a UL sticker? A UL sticker is a small sticker with the initials UL that indicates to manufactures and consumers that your product is of superior quality because it has met the testing standards set by the UL. It is a certification mark that carries enough weight to encourage consumers to buy with confidence.

What is the UL?

The UL is short for the Underwriters Laboratories. The company started out in 1894 as the Underwriters’ Electric Bureau laboratory and was founded near Chicago Illinois by a Boston engineer who had come to the Chicago World’s Fair to investigate the World Fair’s Palace of Electricity. Seeing the need for proper testing and standardization in electricity, he developed equipment and testing methods to uncover potential hazards. The business developed and expanded into many other sectors. Eventually it became the Underwriters Laboratories. Today the UL is a global giant with its central office in Northbrook Illinois, and offices in over 46 other countries.

What does the UL do?

The UL helps companies in so many facets. From pointing out safety issues to confirming compliance the UL can ensure your company is not just producing a top quality product, but doing it in a way that is both safe for workers and the environment.  A few of the many services offered by UL include: facility inspection, company advisory services, employee education and training, proven testing, auditing and analytics, software solutions, as well as marketing claim verification.

UL Standards

The UL label is on over 22 billion products throughout the world. This does not water down the achievement however, since there are numerous requirements that must be met for a company to be able to proudly display the UL label on their product or part. If the UL certification mark is a new standard your company wants to achieve, visit the UL Standards FAQ Page to review some of the steps and requirements that are necessary to qualify for the UL label.

Looking for a UL Sticker Supplier?

If your company already has UL certification and you are looking for someone to supply your UL stickers, we can help! As an authorized UL sticker supplier, we offer a variety of solutions for any unique label applications you may need. To learn how we can use our special expertise to create the best label for your product, please call us today at (262) 790-2740, or feel free to fill out our contact form.

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