What Are Food Security Seals?

Food security seals, also known as tamper proof seals, are used for food products such as jars of honey, boxes of baked goods, jarred fruits & veggies, sauces, dressings, and many more! Food security seals attach to the packaging so that the label will have to tear in order for someone to access the food products inside. Not only does this prevent shoppers from opening and sampling products when they should not, but it also will indicate to buyers if the food they are buying has been opened or tampered with. Food security seals are an easy and cost effective way to protect your consumers and your products from the danger that can come with tampered food products. If you are interested in using food security seals for your products, Flexo-Graphics can help!

Why Use Food Security Seals?

  • Safety – Food security seals not only protect your products from being tampered with or contaminated, but they also protect your consumers from purchasing a product that may have spoiled due to contamination, or has been affected by tampering. These seals serve as a visual indicator of whether or not the product has been previously opened, so they buyer can rest easy knowing they are the first to open their goods. 
  • Affordability – These tamper evident seals are small and easy to print, and Flexo-Graphics has the ability to handle everything in house. Our team can handle everything including design, management, printing, storage, and shipping, making the printing process easy and cost effective.
  • Customizable – Flexo-Graphics offers full customization of all of their products to easily include brand specific logos and colors, in addition to custom sizing and print information.

Need Food Security Seals For Your Products?

If you are looking for effective and affordable tamper proof security solutions for your food goods, Flexo-Graphics can help. Contact our dedicated, design and print team today to get a quote or get started designing you food security seals today!

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