Weatherproof QR Code Labels

Weatherproof QR code labels are a great option for any business that wants to provide contactless information or payment methods to their customers in outdoor environments. QR code labels have become increasingly popular in place of menus and takeaways during the covid-19 pandemic. Everything from menus, promotions, instructions, park maps, and more can be easily provided to you audience in a safe, sustainable, format with just a few clicks on their phone. Weatherproof QR code labels are great for places like amusement parks, outdoor dining, museums, trails, and even work sites where you would typically hand out physical information. Not only does the use of a QR code label reduce contact, but it is also a more sustainable option as you won’t need to use as many paper and print resources. Weatherproof QR code labels can be made heat, water, UV and weather resistant to stand the test of time even in rugged conditions. If you are interested in using weatherproof QR code labels in your business, Flexo-Graphics is here to help! 

Benefits of Flexo-Graphics’ Weatherproof QR Code Labels:

  • Durable – Flexo-Graphics uses high quality substrates, strong adhesives, and tough waterproofing finishes to ensure your labels stay in place and are ready to use when you need them.
  • Sustainable – Professionally printed, weatherproof labels are made to last and will always outperform DIY printed labels. For this reason Flexo-Graphics’ weatherproof QR code labels are the more sustainable option as they will not need regular replacement. This significantly reduces the amount of labels that need to be printed, in addition to cutting down on other print materials with the use of the QR code.
  • Code Tracking and Generation – Not only will Flexo-Graphics design a stunning, custom label for you, but they will also generate your QR codes and keep track of sequential codes, making the use of QR codes completely effortless. This is especially helpful for anyone who plans on using multiple different QR codes or limited promotional codes.

Need To Find A QR Code Label Printer?

If you are looking to get started with QR code labels for your products or business, contact Flexo-Graphics here! Flexo-Graphics and their team of dedicated professionals are ready to help you create the best labels for your needs, for an affordable price.


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