Weatherproof Outdoor Labels: For Outdoor and Industrial Products and Equipment

Weatherproof Outdoor Labels: For Outdoor and Industrial Products and Equipment

Are you looking for a product label that won’t be damaged by snow, rain, and other harsh weather conditions? Well, look no further. Flexo-Graphics prints Weatherproof Outdoor Labels to identify lawnmowers, power tools, outdoor lighting systems, construction equipment, generators—essentially any industrial products being used outdoors.

Our waterproof labels will ensure your products have the necessary information as well as prevent fading and smearing due to exposure on even the toughest of days. With our wide range of materials and inks available to choose from we guarantee your products are labeled with durability in mind. So if you’re looking for an easy solution for labeling outside products then Weatherproof Outdoor Labels from Flexo-Graphics is it!

Weatherproof Outdoor Labels – Benefits and Uses

Weatherproof outdoor labels are a go-to product labeling solution for outdoor equipment and products for many reasons.  They are highly durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions, so you can be sure that your product information stays intact. Additionally, they protect against fading and smearing due to prolonged exposure to the elements – perfect for products used in heavy-duty activities outdoors.  Some products that are often labeled with weatherproof labels are:

  • Generators
  • Car Batteries
  • Lawn Equipment
  • Lawn and Pool Chemicals
  • Construction Equipment
  • Power Tools
  • Outdoor Lighting Systems

No matter what kind of outdoor or industrial product you are labeling, weatherproof labels from Flexo-Graphics will ensure the longevity of your brand’s information and get it to last for years. 

Why Is Label Durability and Longevity Important For Branding and Safety?

Product labels not only include vital branding, but also necessary use information and warnings that keep users safe. This is particularly important when labeling outdoor and industrial products like the ones mentioned above. For this reason, suppliers of these products choose to label their products with weatherproof labels that can stand up to extreme temperatures, UV light, wet conditions, and more to ensure that this necessary information is always accessible. 

Labels for industrial products are also often required to display certain certifications and information to comply with safety standards. Examples of this include CSA and UL labels. Due to the importance of these labels, it is vital that you not only choose label materials and finishes that enhance the durability of your label but that you work with professional label printers who can provide you with quality and experience to ensure your labels are in proper compliance and will last the lifetime of your products.

The label printing experts at Flexo-Graphics use high-quality print materials, and strong adhesives, and can help with UL and CSA information so that you can rest easy knowing your labels will be printed to last and protect your users and your brand.

Benefits of Printing Durable Labels With Flexo-Graphics:

Flexo-Graphics has been a trusted name in label printing and design since 1983. Our team of label printing experts are here to help you create labels that look great and that will stand up to whatever conditions your products will see. Benefits of printing and designing labels with Flexo-Graphics include:

  • 40 years of knowledge and experience
  • High quality print materials and strong adhesives
  • Durability enhancements to protect against harsh weather, UV light, chemicals, extreme temperatures, abrasion, and more.
  • Variety of materials and inks available for custom labeling needs
  • Hands on, in house graphic design for full label customization
  • UL/CSA Certification and Compliance Assistance.
  • Professional label printing with attention to detail, quality, and customer satisfaction. 

Want To Learn More About Printing Custom Weather Proof Labels?

By choosing Flexo-Graphics for your weatherproof outdoor labels you can rest assured that your products will have the necessary branding, use information, warnings, or certifications needed to last through the toughest weather conditions and provide quality assurance and peace of mind to your consumers. Contact Flexo-Graphics today to get in touch with our labeling experts and learn more about our waterproof labels!


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