What Are Waterproof Labels For Jars and Why Are They Important For Branding Your Products

What Is The Purpose Of Using Water Proof Labels For Jars?

First impressions are important and you want your products to look their best when they’re on store shelves, but it is equally as important that your labels hold up and stay looking great over the life of the product with regular use. One way to do that is with waterproof labels for jars. Waterproof labels look great,  are fully customizable, they will stay in place, and remain easy to read even when exposed to water and moist conditions. Plus, they can also be made to withstand extreme temperatures, making them ideal for products that will be stored in refrigerators and freezers. Whether you are looking for custom labels for honey, pickles, sauce, or craft cocktails, waterproof labels are an important part of presenting a professional image for your business.

What Types Of Products Should Be Labeled With Waterproof Labels?

Waterproof labels are an essential component of many products, and it’s important to consider which items should be equipped with these labels for the best results. Waterproof labels for jars offer the ideal solution for products that may come into contact with water or other humidity sources, including craft cocktails like moonshine and cocktail syrup, jams, honey, pickles, condiments, olives, and even some cosmetic and personal care products. Customizing your labels with waterproof materials can help ensure your product preserves its label look and presentation even when stored in wet environments.

Waterproof labels can also help protect any information provided on product packaging from fading over time as well! Product labels like the ones mentioned above typically include important user information in addition to branding elements. Details like expiration dates, allergen information, use instructions, and ingredients are important for the safety of consumers so if you sell products that may be exposed to water or damp conditions it is important that your labels are printed on materials that will hold up and ensure this information is always accessible.

Waterproof label printing can make all the difference in ensuring your products stay looking their best. Whether they’re displayed in a retail setting or stored away in a refrigerator it is important to maintain a high standard of labeling excellence while keeping your product preserved. With the reliable and durable labeling options from Flexo-Graphics, you can guarantee that your product packaging will still show off its own unique branding and style – no matter what type of environment it may be exposed to. So whatever kind of item you might be storing or selling – from alcoholic beverages to cosmetic products – waterproof labels are always a vital consideration when stocking up on supplies for your business.  The perfect balance between presentation and reliability!

Waterproof labels are made from a variety of materials, including paper, plastic, and more

If you want to ensure their labels will stand up to the toughest conditions, waterproof labels are the way to go. Made from a variety of materials, including paper, plastic, and more technical substrates like durable polypropylene material, these labels offer superior protection against water damage while also staying strong in extreme temperatures. Whether you’re creating waterproof labels for jars or any other product, our selection of print options at Flexo-Graphics features full customization options with high quality print materials and strong adhesives. We also offer water resistant print finishes like lamination which adds extra layers of protection and makes sure your label looks great even when exposed to moisture.

custom labels for jars

Waterproof Labels Can Be Fully Customized

Just like standard product labels logos, brand messaging, custom colors, custom dimensions, textures, decorative print finishes, and other design elements and information can be included in the design of waterproof labels. This lets brands portray a professional image, add a touch of creative flair, and provide unparalleled protection against wear and tear as well as excellent print results. With these diverse options available, waterproof labels offer everyone a chance at personalized branding effective enough to withstand moisture and other conditions over time – helping ensure your message goes further than expected!  If you want to design and print custom labels that can do all of this and more the labeling experts at Flexo-Graphics is here to help!

Benefits of Working With Felxo-Graphics:

  • Knowledge and Experience – Flexo-Graphics has been a trusted name in professional label printing and design for nearly 40 years! Since 1983 our expert team has been producing custom designed labels across industries. Whether you need custom waterproof labels for jars, industrial labels, battery labels, QR code labels, standard product labels, or something else Flexo-Graphics will find the best labeling solution for your needs.
  • High Quality – Flexo-Graphics uses high quality print materials and strong adhesives to ensure your labels always look great and stay in place. We offer a wide variety of substrates and finish options to create a label that will hold up to whatever conditions you put it through.
  • Full Customization – Our in-house team of graphic designers can create a label that is just as unique as your brand and stands out among the competition. Custom colors, paper textures, print finishes, branding, and more can be easily worked into your custom labels.
  • Hands On Project Management – At Flexo-Graphics we assign a project manager to each account to ensure you receive the best labels for your needs and your budget. Your project manager will take time to understand your business and your budget to create the best label for your particular applications.

Want To Learn More About Waterproof Labels For Jars?

If you are looking for eye-catching, effective waterproof labeling solutions for your products, custom waterproof labels from Flexo-Graphics may be perfect for you! These high quality, custom labels are fully customizable and they can help keep your branding visible even in wet environments. For more information, Contact Flexo-Graphics today to learn more about our waterproof label options!


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