Textured label paper is an easy and effective way to get consumers to interact with your product, and stand out on the shelf. Textured label finishes like tactile varnish, sandpaper finish, or matte finishes make your label look unique and encourage shoppers to touch and interact with your product, which makes them more likely to choose you over the competition. Labels often define the shopping experience and play a large role in the customer’s final decision, especially when buying adult beverage products like wine and champagne. Creating an attractive, interactive label, that is both visually engaging and has an interesting texture is a game changer for launching a new product or updating a current product line.  If you are interested in learning more about textured papers, Flexo-Graphics can help. 

Flexo-Graphics’ Textured Paper Styles:

  • Tactile Varnish – This style of textured label paper is often used in nutraceuticals, as well as wine labeling as it gives a raised appearance to details and badges. This makes your logos, branding, and badges pop, helping to catch the eye of the shopper. 
  • Sandpaper Finish – Sandpaper finishes give the label an eclectic, rough texture and an artsy look. This style looks great on wine labels, home décor labeling, candle labels, and more that need a rustic, intriguing touch to your label. 
  • Matte Finish –  Matte finishes work great for a wide variety of labels, giving them a modern look, and interesting texture that stands out against standard gloss finish labels. 

Want to use textured paper  in your next label project?

Simply adding texture to your labels is an easy and affordable way to stand out. If you would like to start using textured label paper to enhance your labels and consumer experience, contact Flexo-Graphics here. Flexo-Graphics is a long time printer who can help you design and print high quality labels for an affordable price. Contact us today to learn more. 

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