Test tube labels are vital in many settings, including medical and laboratory practices. These labels serve the purpose of properly identifying the contents of test tubes, and often need to be able to withstand conditions such as heat, cold, moisture, and more. Contents of test tubes can often be DNA, blood work, and other biological information that is sent off for testing, so it is very important that test tube labels are easy to read, and can withstand the conditions they are stored in. If you are looking for durable, affordable test tube labels that can do all of this and more, Flexo-Graphics can help!

Benefits of Flexo-Graphics’ Labels:

  • Durability – Flexo-Graphics is a professional printer, capable of both flexographic and digital printing, who uses high quality substrates and strong adhesives. These labels are much stronger than self printed, DIY labels. Flexo-Graphics can also apply protective coatings or films to labels that need added protection. These finishes include weather, heat, extreme cold, moisture, and UV protection. This is particularly helpful for test tube labels as they may be exposed to some of these elements during testing or shipping. 
  • Customization – Flexo-Graphics’ labels are fully customizable. This allows for custom dimensions, branding, colors and more. So if you need to produce a label that meets particular requirements, Flexo-Graphics can help you produce the perfect label for your needs. 
  • Affordability – Flexo-Graphics is able to produce high quality, custom labels, for an affordable price, as they are able to handle the eternity of your label creation process in-house. Flexo-Graphics and their design and management teams will work with you to understand your needs, design your label, and find the best print method for your needs. This keeps costs down, so you never have to sacrifice quality for affordability. 

Want To Learn More About Test Tube Labels?
If you need help creating the perfect test tube labels for your needs, contact Flexo-Graphics here! Flexo-Graphics and their team of label professionals will work with you to understand your needs and create the best labeling solution for your practice. Call or email us today to learn more!


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