Tamper proof seals are used to ensure the safety of consumers when purchasing cosmetics, food, medications and more. Tamper proof seals show the consumer that the product they are using has not previously been opened, and if the seal is broken they know not to use the product. Now more than ever it is important to put these safety precautions in place, helping consumers to feel safe and comfortable when using your products. Tamper proof labels not only help your consumers feel safe with their purchase, but they also help prevent shoppers from
opening or tampering with products, which keeps buyers healthy and prevents loss or waste of product. An added benefit of using tamper proof labels to protect your products and consumers, is that they are very affordable to have printed. If you are interested in ordering custom printed tamper proof labels please contact Flexo-Graphics, or read on to learn about the many benefits of our tamper proof seals.

Benefits of Flexo-Graphics Tamper Proof Seals:

  • Safety – The biggest benefit of using our tamper proof labels is the added layer of safety it provides to you and your customers. The presence of a seal that is intact shows that the product has not been previously opened. These seals will also deter shoppers from attempting to open or sample your products on the shelves as they will have to noticeably break the seal to open.
  • Versatility – These seals are easy to apply and can be used on jarred goods like fruits, honey, vegetables, and other food products. They can also be used on cosmetics, lotions, supplements, medications, and other personal care products that should not be opened until use.
  • Customization – Working with Flexo-Graphics allows for full customization of all printed products. This means that you can easily include your brand specific colors and logos in all labeling products.

Need to Find Tamper Proof Seals?

If you are interested in using tamper proof seals for your consumer goods, Flexo-Graphics can help! Flexo-Graphics can offer high quality, American made products, and hands on customer service for an affordable price. To learn more about our tamper proof seals, contact us here.

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