Tamper Proof Labels For Jarred Goods

Tamper proof labels are a great security measure for anyone who produces jarred food products like honey, jam, fruits, and veggies. Tamper proof labels are an affordable tamper evidence solution that is easy to apply and will keep your customers safe. Tamper proof labels have an adhesive and are applied to the jar touching both the lid and side of the jar. If the jar is twisted or opened the seal will break, showing the user that the jar has previously been opened.
This prevents customers from tampering with jars or purchasing products that have been tampered with. This safety measure helps to ensure safety and peace of mind when customers are browsing your jarred goods. Now more than ever, safe and sanitary production is incredibly important, and tamper proof seals are an easy and effective way to make sure your products stay contaminant free and ready for use.

Benefits of Tamper Proof Labels

  • Loss Prevention – Tamper proof labels will prevent jars from being opened prior to purchase which will keep product from spoiling on the shelf and prevent loss.
  • Added Buyer Safety – Not only do these tamper seals help to keep products fresh by not being opened prior to use, but they protect buyers from health hazards. If a jar has been opened, used, or tampered with, the seal will be visibly broken. This lets the buyer know not to use this product which may prevent a potential illness.
  • Easy to Use – Tamper proof seals are adhesive and are very easy to apply. Simply place the label on the jar so one end is adhered to the lid and the other end sticks to the side of the jar. This way if the lid is twisted the seal will break, showing tamper evidence.

Need Tamper Proof Labels?

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