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What Is A Bounce Back Coupon Label?

What is a bounce back coupon label? Also known as instant redeemable coupons, or IRC labels, these are stick on labels often used for products in the retail and grocery space that offer instantly redeemable savings on that product or another product from the same brand. Bounce back coupon labels are an easy and affordable way to catch buyers’ attention

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What Is A Coupon Peel Back Label?

What is a peel back label? Peel back labels are used to provide instantly redeemable coupons for products in the grocery and retail space. You will often see these stick on labels attached to products that offer immediate savings at the register when scanned. The use of a peel back label is an easy and affordable way to build brand

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On Pack Coupons For Cross Promotion

What Are On Pack Coupons? On pack coupons or IRC labels are stick on labels that are used on consumer goods to provide shoppers with instantly redeemable coupons. The use of these labels are beneficial for many reasons. In addition to being affordable and easy to produce for seasonal promotions or cross promotions between brands or items, they also help

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IRC Marketing – How To Build Your Brand With Coupon Labels

What is IRC marketing? The term IRC stands for “instant redeemable coupon”, and this is a form of marketing, often used for consumer goods, to build brand loyalty and cross promote between products or sister brands. This form of marketing works by offering an instantly redeemable coupon on a consumer product, through the use of a stick on label. You

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What Are Instant Redeemable Coupon Labels

Instant redeemable coupon labels, also known as IRC labels, are labels that can be placed on consumer products that offer coupons that can be used at check out or for another related product. These instant redeemable coupon labels are perfect for cross promoting between items and encouraging brand loyalty. IRC labels also help your product stand out from the competition.

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Instant Rebate Coupon (IRC) Labels: How Do They Help Companies Sell More?

Instant Rebate Coupon (IRC) Labels Instant savings coupons are something consumers see on products shelved in every store. It is a marketing strategy used by companies today to advertise either an item at a specific price or a lower, discounted price. The discount, of course, is applied when customers purchase the item. Instant rebate coupon (IRC) labels are becoming a

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