Tactile labels for vitamin bottles are eye catching and encourage shoppers to interact with your products. Tactile labels are printed with textures and finishes that include raised print, matte detail, and much more. This style of label has a unique look and texture that not only stands out against the competition, but invites the customer to interact with the product. When you label your products with textured labels, the consumer becomes more inclined to pick up and feel the product. This interaction results in more attention, and in turn a higher likelihood of being purchased. Tactile labels are sought after for nutraceuticals as it allows for important words, logos, awards, or badges to be raised and incorporated into the design. If you are interested in tactile labels for vitamin bottles, protein powders, or other consumer products, Flexo-Graphics can help. 

Benefits Of Flexo-Graphics Tactile Labels For Vitamin Bottles:

  • Custom Design – Flexo-Graphics and their team of in house, graphic designers offer full customization of all their labeling products. This includes their tactile labels for vitamin bottles and other consumer products. Full customization allows you to give input and create the perfect label for your needs. Custom dimensions, verbiage, logos, and brand colors can all be included in your custom label. 
  • Versatile Applications – In addition to tactile labels for vitamin bottles and nutraceuticals, Flexo-graphics can also produce tactile and textured labels for a wide variety of products. Matte, sand paper, tactile finish and more can all be used to give your labels a unique look and feel, no matter what the product is. These styles of labels are particularly popular among wine bottles, home goods, cosmetics and supplements. 
  • Full Service Print Management – Flexo-Graphics is a one stop shop for all of your print and labeling needs. Offering custom design, file management, account managers, and more Flexo-Graphics, will work closely with your brand to ensure you receive the best possible labels for your needs. 

Want to learn more about Tactile Labels?

If you would like to learn more about tactile labels for vitamin bottles, and other custom textured labels, contact Flexo-Graphics here! Flexo-Graphics is a trusted name in flexography, who will work with you to create a quality label for an affordable price. 

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