Sample Packs Help Nutraceutical Companies Sell More

sample-packs-nutraceuticalsFor companies that sell nutraceutical supplements, motivating prospective customers to invest in the products can be challenging. Due in part to the voluminous amounts of information that are available online about prescription medications, health supplements, and their potential side effects, many would-be customers are hesitant to take nutraceuticals for fear of a bad reaction.

How can this perception be addressed? One way to do it is by offering free nutraceutical sample packs that you’re marketing to customers who would be first-time users. Samples packs can be offered on your website, handed out by retailers, or an easy give-away at a trade show.

The Benefits of Sample Packs

Nutraceuticals aren’t just nutrition products, nor are they pharmaceuticals. They are a nutritional product that is “ isolated or purified from foods [and] generally sold in medicinal forms not usually associated with food [and] demonstrated to have a physiological benefit or provide protection against chronic disease”. They are available without a physician’s prescription, which adds a sense of intrigue to the products and a quandary over how one will respond to them.

Both issues can be addressed through the provision of free packs of nutraceutical products for consumers to sample before they make a purchasing decision. Below are five strategies that you can use to motivate people try your sample packs of nutraceuticals and increase the chance that they will invest in a retail supply of the product to use in their health regimen.

  1. Advertise the Nutraceutical Sample as Free

Offering a product for free gets people’s attention. The only thing they must consider is whether the supplement delivers the promised effect. Because biochemistry differs from person to person, don’t expect all recipients to order the product after they sample it. Some customers may find your product to be an excellent health aid, while others may not take it as recommended, or would probably rather eat a heaping plate of their grandmother’ mint pecan jello rather than swallow another dose.

  1. Use Results to Tell the Story

Most well-researched nutraceuticals are surrounded by information that communicates their health benefits using scientific information, anecdotal reports, studies, etc. However, just as reading about driving a car is no comparison to driving the vehicle, reading about a nutraceutical product and actually using it can be daylight and dark in terms of using the product. If the product produces an appreciated effect, you can expect the sample to be a catalyst for sales.

  1. State No Prescription Necessary

When it comes to distribution and consumption of sample packs of nutraceuticals, users don’t need to worry about illegally taking scheduled drugs that are difficult to get prescribed. There is no pill counting at the doctor’s office, and there usually isn’t a doctor’s visit in the first place. In other words, the barrier to taking the product is low to begin with. The perception of most audience members is that taking remedy is that it will be gentle but have a positive effect.

  1. Leverage Marketing Resources

There are several marketing resources you can use to reach to reach the general target audience or specific segments of it, such as email marketing campaigns, direct mail, and search engine optimization (SEO) to guide refined web traffic to your business website, where samples of your nutraceutical product can be ordered for free. If you need help leveraging these opportunities, contact an online marketing company that works with companies like yours.

  1. Use Appealing Product Packaging

Another way to promote sample packs of nutraceuticals is to advertise them in a display near the pharmacies of grocery stores and near the customer counter at pharmacies proper. In addition to developing product packaging that makes the product appealing, you can also attach a coupon to the packaging that lets people acquire the sample for free by removing the coupon and redeeming it at a point of purchase (POP) in a pharmacy, or points of purchase att registers.

How Flexo-Graphics Can Assist with Nutraceutical Sample Packs

We can’t guarantee that you will meet your goal of giving away a certain number of free samples, but we can support your effort by providing attractive packaging that communicates the colors and spirit of your company. To learn how we can use our packaging expertise to help you distribute sample packs of nutraceuticals products, call us today at (262) 790-2740, or use our contact form.

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