Resealable Packaging – The New “Norm” in Product Marketing

Remember those times when you would go to open something such as wet wipes or another item and there was no option to reseal the package? This was a frustrating event because the product would go stale, dry out, or be ruined in another way. Resealable packaging has grown in popularity because it is convenient and maintains qualities such as freshness. The packaging can be seen in every industry from food to baby supplies.

Why Is Resealable Packaging Preferred by Consumers?

Resealable packaging and labels are frequently used to recreate the seal for a number of consumer items. Labels also provide increased room that may be used to place marketing or safety information. As a business selling to the public, these innovations provide several benefits including:

  • Increased Protection
  • Longer Food Shelf Life
  • Less Waste
  • Improved Value
  • Better Product Visibility

When resealable packaging options are used, it creates an opportunity to showcase your product to consumers. This merchandise is easy to open, close, and carry. Not to mention, customers are able to see the product before they buy it at a retail location. These are just a few of the reasons why customers prefer resealable packaging.

A Trend Worth Following by Businesses

The above are all great reasons why resealable packaging is consistently used in the marketplace for a variety of products. If you have not incorporated measures to leverage this option, it is time to consider how it can benefit your business. For example, food products have an extended shelf life, do not become stale, and do not get freezer burn. In other industries, the packaging type delivers greater convenience, improved functionality, and increased usability.

Studies have shown that a large percentage of consumers prefer resealable packaging and will pay a higher price for products with this feature. A large portion of customers choose the brand of product in a store environment and see products with this feature as having more value. Resealable packaging is a smart choice for businesses in every industry due to these reasons. If you are seeking a dependable provider for this business effort, contact us today to learn more about our resealable packaging choices.

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