Why Use Removable Labels for Glass Containers?

Removable labels on glass jars, bottles, or other containers provide several benefits to your customers, especially when using products that require the label to be removed for use. These labels easily peel off in a clean manner leaving behind virtually no sticky residue. This is essential for any glass container that is sealed with a label or products like electronics that have stickers or decals that need to be removed before using. Removable labels ensure that the customer can freely use the product without having to touch any left behind reside that may collect debris over time with use. Another added benefit of using peel off labels is that glass containers can be easily cleaned and reused or recycled for other purposes. This helps to reduce waste and is an added convenience for your customers as cleaning, reuse, and recycling is made easy.

What products should use removable labels?

  • Cosmetic Jars
  • Wine and Beer Bottles
  • Window Decals (e.g. Price tags on car windows at dealerships)
  • Label Sealed Jars
  • Electronic’s Screens and Buttons

Looking to buy high quality removable labels?

If your business manufactures and supplies glass products or electronics that require labels you should consider shopping Flexo-Graphics’ line of durable, high quality, removable labels. Flexo-Graphics is a one stop shop for custom labels, inserts, and other print needs for manufacturing consumer goods. In addition to high quality labels, Flexo-Graphics also offers graphics and files management, providing all the essential tools to design the best custom removable labels for your business’ needs.

If you are interested in browsing Flexo-Graphics’ supply of peel off labels, visit us here today.  From labels, to inserts, and all other graphic and print needs, Flexo-Graphics has the tools to help your manufacturing succeed. Call or visit us online today to get a quote for custom removable labels.


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