Protecting Users with Product Insert Labels

Product insert labels are used with products like over the counter medications to provide vital information to customers to ensure safe use of the product. Often times the packaging that contains various types of medication does not provide enough usable space to effectively deliver all the use instructions, and drug facts to your customers. It is the responsibility of the provider to provide their customers with any information, side effects, age restrictions, and other guidelines to keep the user safe and informed. An effective and cost friendly way to do this when space is limited, is with the use of high quality product insert labels. Whether you need to convey accurate dosage guidelines, expand upon contact information, or legal disclaimers, product insert labels can effectively convey your message.

Who can use Product Insert Labels?

Any business that manufactures and packages items like medications, supplements, vitamins, cosmetics, or other consumer goods that require additional instructions or safety information can benefit from the use of product insert labels, to deliver their message without having to drastically alter the packaging design.  If your business is interested in providing additional product information with insert labels Flexo-Graphics can help you to design a custom insert for your specific needs.

Contact Flexo-Graphics for Custom Label Solutions

Flexo-Graphics offers an extensive line of custom labels, inserts, and other custom graphics products for commercial distribution and manufacturing. Everything from product labels, to graphic logo management, and product inserts can be made custom and easy with Flexo-Graphics’ team of experts.

If you are interested in contacting Flexo-Graphics to learn more about product insert labels, get a quote, or browse the other services and products that are offered, contact us here today! Our customer service team is ready to help you find the best custom labels and insert products for your needs.


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