Product Development Labels – Your Design Should Reach Out to Customers

The choices you make throughout each phase of creating a product development label will contribute to the success of your marketing campaign. A label is the first thing any customer will see when viewing your product in a retail environment and the last part of any marketing campaign.

Several factors play a pivotal role in how the final design appears after application to the product. The wrong font, color, adhesives, or materials can be detrimental to the final appearance. As you begin to make design choices for this important element of your merchandise, it is essential to assess how each choice will complement the other to have a flowing, appealing design.

Creating a Design to Get the Most Out of Product Development Labels

A label is the last form of marketing provided to potential customers and this makes it an important component to achieving sales. Take enough time to consider the following characteristics of product development labels before choosing a final design:

  • Colors – This element communicates as much information as words if not more. A color is able to convey a specific feeling, flavor, or unique scent. It will either draw the individual to make a purchase or send them off to buy from a competitor.
  • Images – Much like the use of hues, images also convey their own message. They should be perfectly balanced with colors and text to avoid confusion.
  • Fonts – Too many fonts or large variances in font sizes will take away from the simplicity and beauty of a good label. Choose a single font and stick with it for all text.
  • Size – The size should appropriately match the available space as one that is too small will not be as easy to see. An oversized version will not look appealing due to wrinkles or folds.

These four elements are imperative to any product development label and due to this it is essential to carefully consider your options. Remember to include contact information to prevent customer frustration. Use the perfect combination of images, colors, and text to tell a story, create unique designs with varying images, or to add interesting facts about the product.

Flexo-Graphics provides several choices and years of experience you can draw from when putting together product development labels. If you have a specific idea in mind, our team will work with you create a custom design that makes your idea a reality. Contact us today to learn more!

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