Private Label Manufacturers: Printing Custom Private Labels

Printing Custom Labels For Products From Private Label Products:

There are many large name brands and independent sellers that have struck gold in private labeling. Private labeling refers to the process of buying products from private label manufacturers, then labeling and marketing them under your brand name. A large scale example of this would be an automotive store that purchases car batteries from a third party manufacturer and then labels the batteries with their own branding for sale in their storefront or online. There are also many independent sellers who have built a successful business by exclusively buying consumer products from private label manufacturers, branding them with custom labels, and reselling the products online or in brick and mortar storefronts. This approach can be taken for selling any number of household items or consumer products and building a name and a brand around the products being sold. 

However, whether you are a large name brand that uses the services of a third party manufacturer or an independent online seller, printing custom, private labels will be a necessity. It is important to work with professional label printers for private labeling who can design high-quality, durable, custom labels that accurately represent your brand, provide any necessary information, and hold up to whatever conditions your product will be used in. 

What To Consider When Working With Private Label Printers:

  • Customization and Design Elements – No matter what industry you are in, branding and having a professionally designed label are important. With most consumer items, buyers have an overwhelming number of options, but eye-catching, packaging and labels that boast professional design and quality materials present better than items of the same quality that have been labeled and packaged in a DIY manner. It is important to work with skilled label print and design companies that can incorporate your brand-specific logos, colors, and verbiage. A good label printer will also offer custom label finishes, textures, and design elements that make your label stand out and look good. 
  • Label Quality and Durability – Just as important as design, is the quality of your label. When you work with the label printing experts at Flexo-Graphics you can trust that your labels are printed on durable substrates and are backed with strong adhesives. Flexo-Graphics also offers various finishes and adhesives that make your labels resistant to extreme temperatures, water, weather, chemicals, and UV light, to ensure your labels stay in place on your products no matter what conditions they are put through. This is particularly important when private labeling industrial items like car batteries or tools that are exposed to harsh elements, but the labels include important safety information that needs to be easily accessible.
  • Label Printing Management Services – If you are dealing with a high volume of products, it is going to be imperative that your private label printer can offer you services like file management, print scheduling, label storage, and hands-on account managers that will make sure you always have the labels you need when you need them. When you choose to work with Flexo-Graphics, you will have access to all of these services and more. 
  • Private Labeling Knowledge and Experience – Finally, one of the most important qualities to look for in a private label printer is knowledge and experience. Flexo-Graphics has nearly 40 years of experience in label printing and designs, with a deep understanding of private labeling and providing the best labeling options in terms of design and durability across industries. The labeling experts at Flexo-Graphics will take the time to discuss your needs and find the right labels for your products while working with your budget to find cost-effective solutions that do not require you to sacrifice quality for cost. 

Want To Learn More About Printing Custom Private Labels?

If you need more information about professional private label printing, contact Flexo-Graphics! Our dedicated team of label print and design experts is ready to take your call and help you find the best labeling solutions for your products. Call today to learn more.  

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