pressure-sensitive-adhesivesPressure sensitive adhesives are common on just about every product these days. The adhesive you choose for these items determines how well they stay on the merchandise as well as their permanence. Pressure sensitive adhesives bond to the packaging as force is applied to the adhesive. They are an exceptional choice for contoured containers or those made with flexible materials such as plastic bottles. The adhesives do not require solvent, heat, or a chemical reaction to bond to the surface and are an excellent choice for consumer products such as:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Household Chemicals
  • Durable and Industrial Products
  • Automotive
  • Wine & Spirits

Pressure sensitive adhesives consist of a sticky substance, which adheres to the surface upon applying a small amount of force. This makes them a lower cost option that is simple to use on consumer products or other items. However, pressure sensitive adhesives are also derived from various types of materials, so it is important to pick the right one. Substrate type, adhesives, and enhancement features all play a role in effectiveness. Printers and converters are experts in this area with years of practice. They are able to offer exceptional advice.

Too Many Choices Require the Help of a Professional

The first decision you must make will be the type pressure sensitive adhesive, which offers two basic choices and may consist of several varying properties. This selection entails one of the following types:

  • Permanent – This is the most common adhesive used in consumer product and industrial labeling applications. Once applied, the name speaks to its strongest characteristic; it cannot be easily removed once applied.
  • Removable – These labels are removable for a period of time. An example might include a coupon attached to another label or a two-part label that is peeled back to view product specific information. Repositionable labels fall into the removable category. These are removable over a short-time period to allow for multiple applications and removal. This choice is often used in retail settings, where products are moved from location to location.

The next decisions get a little trickier, as the above are easier to decide qualities and the following factors are able to make or break any pressure sensitive adhesives for your product. The next decisions revolve around the life cycle of the end product where the label is placed. These factors to consider might include:

  • Surface Shape and Texture
  • Environmental Exposures
    • Chemicals
    • Temperature Ranges
    • Water / Rain
    • Ultraviolet Light
  • Application Type and Speed of Application
  • Minimum and Maximum Application Temperature

A professional with experience in this area will quickly be able to recommend what type of adhesion and qualities are necessary for proper bonding. The wrong choices could lead to it loss of adhesion or damage from harder to control factors such as temperature or chemical exposure.

Contact a Professional Pressure Sensitive Labeling Company

To guarantee a dependable pressure sensitive adhesive for labeling or other needs, you need an experienced printing professional. At FlexoGraphics, we have years of experience when it comes to designing and printing with pressure sensitive adhesives. We work hard to ensure our customer’s gains the right bonding quality and visual appearance for each of their products. Contact us today to learn more!

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