Need Personalization of Marketing? – Variable Labels to the Rescue

We’ve all gotten that “personal” marketing email in our inbox. We’ve undoubtedly filled out a form somewhere, or our email has made it on to some marketing list and now we get bombarded with emails that appear to be made especially for us. And why do marketers do this? Because it works. People respond better when you call them by name. The personalization of marketing whether real or perceived, does actually work. As humans we want to be set apart. We want to feel distinguished in some way and when we see our name on a key chain or a coke bottle, we feel more inclined to buy.

How Variable Labels Offer Personalization

As a manufacturer, how can you tap into this personalization? Something as simple as a variable label will do the trick. As a professional label manufacturer, we are not suggesting that a name campaign like Coke launched is the best way to personalize your product. We are suggesting however that not every label speaks to every consumer. There are other ways to personalize a product. Color, shape, design, slogan, and special offer are just a few ways you can vary your label so that it has a broader appeal. Many manufacturers recognize that their customers have different tastes, so they develop different flavors to appeal to a wider audience. Well the same is true of the label. Label appeal is driven by all the visual factors previously mentioned and varying the message will reach a larger consumer base as well. When a product label speaks to a customer personally, you have just made the sale.

Variable Label Uses

We know that variable labels are a great way to expand product appeal, but you may be wondering how you can put this into action with your product.  Below are a few great ideas of how variable labels can work with numerous products:

  • Seasonal Promotions
  • Discounts or Special Offers
  • Introducing New Flavors
  • Highlighting a New Feature
  • Creating a Limited Edition
  • Market Testing a New Demographic
  • Product Personalization

Looking for a Variable Label?

If you’ve never attempted a variable label before, we can help! We’ve worked with many clients in creating quality variable labels to meet or exceed the standards you have set for your product. It’s easy to get started — just call us today at (262) 790-2740, or fill out our simple contact form and one of our label experts will get the ball rolling.

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