Peel And Reseal Medical Product Labels

Peel and reseal medical product labels are convenient and necessary label applications for medical practices. Peel and reseal medical labels provide easy access to tools and wipes that are needed for surgery, doctor’s appointments, and cleaning in a medical setting. Peel and reseal labels are often used to provide an easy-to-use, resealable opening to products like medical wipes. These wipes are used to sanitize tools, hands, and surfaces in hospital settings. The peel and reseal label makes it easy to access medical wipes in a pinch when they are needed and provides a protective seal that will keep wipes moist while not in use. If medical wipes dry out, they lose their ability to clean and disinfect, rendering them useless.

In addition to being commonly used for medical wipes, peel and reseal medical product labels can also be used for packaging medical tools, garments, and PPE kits. If you are in need of high-quality, affordable resealable labels, Flexo-Graphics can help!

Benefits of Flexo-Graphics’ Peel And Reseal Medical Product Labels:

  • Durable – Flexo-Graphics’ labels are printed on strong, high-quality substrates and backed with durable adhesives to keep labels in place. This is important to consider when printing peels and reseal labels, to ensure labels stay sealed until opened, and effectively reseal after use. 
  • Customizable – All of Flexo-Graphics’ labeling products are fully customizable. With the help of our in-house design team, you can create a truly unique label featuring custom dimensions, logos, colors, verbiage, and more!
  • Affordable – Flexo-Graphics and their dedicated team handle the entirety of the design and print process in-house, keeping prices low, and labels affordable!

Need To Find Resealable Labels?

If you are looking for medical product labels or other custom label printing help, contact Flexo-Graphics here! Flexo-Graphics and its team of dedicated experts are ready to help you find the best labeling solutions for your needs. 

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