Are you looking for long lasting sustainable labels that will help to reduce your carbon footprint, without sacrificing quality? Sustainable labels are a great way to make your business practice more environmentally friendly for an affordable price. Product labels that are recyclable or compostable can be made to the same levels of durability and quality of traditional labels so that doing your part to help the environment doesn’t require you to compromise the look or functionality of your packaging. Sustainable labels can be used to label and brand a variety of different products including food products, home goods, nutraceuticals, wine bottles, cleaning supplies, and so much more. If you are interested in long lasting sustainable labels for your products, Flexo-Graphics can help.

Benefits of Flexo-Graphics’ Long Lasting Sustainable Labels:

  • Custom Design – In addition to being informational, a label should be eye catching and easy to read. Flexo-Graphics allows for full customization to ensure you get the best label for your needs. This includes custom colors, sizing, wording, disclaimers, logos, and more.
  • Durable Printing Options – In addition to being able to customize the look of your label, you can also customize the level of durability. Flexo-Graphics prints on high quality substrates, backed with strong adhesives, and for added durability you can choose from a variety of protective finishes to ensure your labels hold up through whatever conditions they may be put through. These finishes include resistance to UV light, extreme temperatures, weather, moisture, water proofing, and much more!
  • Eco-Friendly – Flexo-Graphics’ sustainable labels are printed on recyclable and compostable materials. This ensures that your labels won’t spend years breaking down in a landfill as the consumer can easily recycle the label after use. 

Want To Learn More About Eco-Friendly Product Labels?

If you would like to learn more about long lasting sustainable labels, contact Flexo-Graphics here! Our dedicated team of experts are ready to help you create the best labels for your needs, for a competitive price. 

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