Liquor Label Design – How To Stand Out And Establish Your Brand

Liquor label design is vital to establishing your brand and grabbing the attention of shoppers. There is a lot of competition in the wine and spirits industry and your label is often going to be the first impression you make with a potential buyer. Buyers have a lot of options when it comes to picking a bottle of wine or liquor, and more often than not their decision comes down to the label. Your label should be attractive, interesting and informative. A good liquor label design will catch your customer’s attention, encourage them to pick up your bottle and interact with the product, and provide them with any necessary information to explain your product or mission. All of this can be accomplished with a custom designed label that includes design elements like interesting imagery, texture, and information. If you are looking for a trusted label printer and design team to help you achieve all of this, Flexo-Graphics can help!

Benefits of Flexo-Graphics Liquor Label Design

  • Full Customization – Flexo-Graphics can help you design and print a fully customized label, featuring custom colors, logos, branding details, text, texture, and more. 
  • Texture and Durability – Two important factors to consider with liquor label design are texture and durability. Flexo-Graphics offers a variety of different label textures including wood veneer, linen paper, tactile, matte, glossy, gold foil, and more to encourage interaction. Flexo-Graphics also offers several different durability finishes to keep your labels in place and easy to read. This includes added protection against cold and moisture.
  • Professional Guidance – When you choose to work with Flexo-Graphics for liquor label design, or other label design needs, they will assign a dedicated account manager to your project to see you through the entire process from design to printing to ensure you get the best product for your needs. 

Need To Find A Reliable Label Printer?

Want to learn more about liquor label design and speak with a reliable label printer? Contact Flexo-Graphics here, and get in touch with a member of our team who can help you design the best custom labels for your brand!


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