Linen Paper Labels – Wine Bottles, Home Goods, Candles & More

Linen paper labels are an easy and effective way to dress up your product labels, making them look more elegant and eye-catching. These linen labels are thicker than standard product labels, with a fabric like texture that creates a high end aesthetic. These labels are great for products like scented candles, wine bottles, liquor and spirits, boutique items, and other products that may be gifted or set out for display after purchase. Not only do these labels make your product look great, but these textured, eye catching linen paper labels also help to make your product stand out among the competition. Shoppers are more likely to pick up and interact with well designed, textured labels. This interaction increases the chances of purchase. If you are interested in using custom labels for your products, Flexo-Graphics can help. 

Benefits of Flexo-Graphics’ Linen Paper Labels

  • Fully Customizable – Flexo Graphics’ product labels are all fully customizable and allow you to create a label as unique as your brand. Flexo Graphics offers different textures such as linen, matte, wood veneer, glossy, and much more. You can also include your custom branding, logos, colors, verbiage, sizing, and other details to create the perfect label for your needs   
  • Versatile – These linen paper labels can be customized and used across a wide variety of products and industries. Some common uses for these linen paper labels include wine, spirits, home decor, candles, and boutique, but they can be used to add beauty and elegance to any product label. 
  • Expertise – Flexo-Graphics’ skilled team of labeling experts have the knowledge and experience to help you create the best labels for your needs. Flexo-Graphics can handle the whole process for you from design and printing to file management, storage, and more. 

Need Custom, Textured Labels?

If you are interested in using linen paper labels or other custom texture labels for your products, contact Flexo-Graphics here! 


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