What Are Instant Redeemable Coupon Labels

Instant redeemable coupon labels, also known as IRC labels, are labels that can be placed on consumer products that offer coupons that can be used at check out or for another related product. These instant redeemable coupon labels are perfect for cross promoting between items and encouraging brand loyalty. IRC labels also help your product stand out from the competition. Shoppers have many options in a market or retail space, and offering instantly redeemable savings encourages interaction with your product, making shoppers more likely to choose your product over another. These coupon labels are an easy and cost effective way to build your brand, cross promote with your various products, and leave a lasting impression on your customers. With the holiday’s just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get your hands on these instant redeemable coupon labels. If you need to find a reliable label printer who can help you design the perfect, eye-catching coupon labels for your brand this season, Flexo-Graphics can help.

Benefits of Printing Instant Redeemable Coupon Labels with Flexo-Graphics:

  • Easy Customization – Flexo-Graphics and their team of label design experts make it easy to create custom, eye-catching, instant redeemable coupon labels. This allows you to include custom colors, verbiage, logos, and more to grab the attention of buyers and encourage interaction with your products.
  • Affordability – Printing IRC labels is an affordable and hassle free method of cross promoting and building your brand, making them a small investment that can yield a large return. These labels can also be printed in short batches to be used for limited promotions or seasonal sales. 
  • All In One Label Supply – Flexo-Graphics is a one stop shop for all your labeling needs. From design and printing, to file management, QR codes, print scheduling and so much more Flexo-Graphics has you covered. When you work with Flexo-Graphics you will be assigned an account manager who will handle all your needs, making branding easy and stress free. 

Need A Reliable Label Printer?

If you are interested in instant redeemable coupon labels or any other product labels and packaging needs, contact Flexo-Graphics here. Our team of labeling experts is ready to help you create the best labeling solutions for your business. 

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