Batteries such as lithium batteries, car batteries, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) batteries, and many more all need to be properly labeled and dated, but how do you label batteries? Battery labels include information such as date codes, warnings, and necessary compliance information. You need to be careful when labeling batteries to make sure they are compliant with battery labeling requirements and accurately dated to keep users and consumers safe and informed. Luckily, Flexo-Graphics is an authority on battery labeling across a variety of industries and can provide information to design and print the correct labels for your battery products. So how do you label batteries accurately and efficiently, with high-quality labels? The answer is to get in touch with a labeling expert, such as Flexo-Graphics, who can guide you through the process, ensuring accuracy and compliance, giving both you and your consumers peace of mind.

Benefits Of Labeling with Flexo-Graphics:

  • Expert Advice and Guidance – The ins and outs of labeling can be tricky if you are not familiar with the process. Flexo-Graphics can assign a customer service rep to your account to learn about your business and particular needs, in order to provide the knowledge you need to create accurate and compliant labels. 
  • Design – Flexo-Graphics offers several pre-made templates and can easily include custom and brand-specific elements to any labels you print with them. With their expert design team, in-house graphics management options, and industry-compliant label templates, Flexo-Graphics makes designing and printing labels easy and affordable. 
  • Durable – Not only can Flexo-Graphics help you design the best label for your needs, but the labels they print will be durable and high quality to hold up and maintain readability with use. Flexo-Graphic’s labels can be made water, weather, or heat resistant depending on your needs, helping labels to hold up in tough environments, so their pertinent information is always accessible.

Contact Flexo-Graphics for Quality Labels

Contact Flexo-Graphics here to learn more about properly labeling batteries, Flexo-Graphics can help. Our dedicated team is standing by with the necessary knowledge and experience, to produce the best labels for your needs.

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