Should you Order Freezer Grade Labels Online?

Seems like a fair question. In this ever-competitive online market, often times retailers who can get products to you the easiest and fastest win over their competition – (you know, those old fashioned brick and mortar places). The problem is that easy and fast doesn’t always mean highest quality and best fit, and just because someone is selling labels online through Amazon, doesn’t mean they have the knowledge and experience to recommend labels for harsh environments, or difficult substrates. Let’s look at a few things you get when you choose a professional label manufacturer for your freezer grade labels:

  • Custom labels designed to last the lifetime of your product
  • Custom packaging solutions to solve those tricky application problems
  • Knowledgeable customer service representatives to walk you through the process
  • Superior materials that make your labels last longer and stay where you need them to stay.
  • Durable labels designed for commercial use, not home use

Professional Freezer Grade Labels

As a food producer, you’ve likely put a lot of effort into creating a product that consumers will love. Designing a captivating label is equally as important and matching the proper label with the conditions it will endure is even more critical.

When you are talking about labeling a product that will face harsh environments you need an experienced label manufacturer to help you get a durable label that will stay in place. Regardless of the conditions your product will face, wet, dry, cold or hot, you will need an expert-tested label that has been proven to withstand tough environments and perform as intended. There’s definitely a difference between freezer labels that are used by consumers for homemade foods and leftovers, verses freezer grade labels that will stay in place for shelf life, ensuring brand recognition, clear pricing and details, and durability for package shipment and transporting.

Flexo-graphics has been manufacturing labels for all types of industries for over 35 years. They have a team of experts who will walk you through the labeling process and can make it as simple as ordering online.

Looking for a New Label Supplier?
If so, Flexo-Graphics is your ideal destination. We offer a variety of label solutions for different label applications and provide a great selection of product labels, among other benefits. To learn how we can use our special expertise to create the best label for your product, please call us today at (262) 790-2740, or feel free to fill out our contact form.

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