The flexographic printing process is a style of printing that is often used to print large batches of labels and packaging products. Flexographic printing can be used to print on materials including paper, plastics, film, synthetic papers, tag stock and more. This process works by using a system of multiple rollers to transfer ink to the material being printed on. As the paper, plastic, or other materials pass between the rollers, pressure is applied to transfer ink of even thickness to each label or package that is printed. Each color involved in your print’s design is applied at a different printing dock before passing through a dryer that will use either heat or light to ensure the ink is dry and set before printing is finished. Items that can be printed using the flexographic printing process include labels, adhesives, cartons, window clings, stickers, plastic bags, food packaging, pouches, and more. If you are interested in using this printing process to produce your packaging products, contact us here, or read on to learn more about the benefits of working with Flexo-graphics.

Benefits of Working with Flexo-Graphics:

  •  Hands on Customer Service – Flexo-Graphics offers top notch customer service including account managers who will learn the key aspects of your business to better serve you in finding the best labeling products for your needs.
  • Versatility – Flexographic printing can be used to label and package multiple products including wine, batteries, supplements, personal protective equipment, food items, beer, storefront signage, and so much more.
  • Quality – Flexo-Graphics is based in Wisconsin and produces high quality, American made flexographic prints. Flexo-Graphics produces products that are durable and made to last. Labels and packages can also be made to different degrees of resistance to best suit the environment they will be used in.

Need More Information on The Flexographic Printing Process?

If you are looking for information on flexographic printing Flexo-Graphics is here to help. We are a leading provider of flexible printing and labels and have years of experience to share with our customers. Contact us here or call today to learn more or get a quote for your printing needs: 262-790-2740.

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