Flexo vs Digital Printing: Which Label Style Is Best For Your Labeling Project

In the world of custom product labeling, there are many choices to be made in order to create the perfect look for your product. One of the most important decisions is choosing between Flexo vs Digital printing for your labels. Keep reading to learn more about each printing method and decide which one is right for your next labeling project.

If you’re looking for a high-quality printing method for a large labeling project, Flexo printing is the way to go.

Flexo printing stands out as one of the best, most reliable printing methods for large labeling projects. Compared to digital printing, flexo has a few advantages. Flexographic printing is more cost effective for large projects. A printing plate is created that can be used continuously for high output and additional rerun orders in the future.  Flexographic printing also provides high-quality prints with precise edge-to-edge registration. Not only that, but flexo ink is also more durable than digital inks and won’t abnormally wear away due to friction or flexing.  So if you’re looking for excellent long-term results for a big project flexo printing is the perfect method for the job!

Digital printing is ideal for shorter runs and multiple SKUs.

Looking at flexo vs digital printing, digital printing offers some advantages over flexo when it comes to crafting high-grade products for shorter runs and multiple SKUs, because you will not need a custom printing plate for each design. For this reason, digital printing is also used to create test labels before going into full production with a flexographic printing press. 

This method of label printing is an ideal fit for the production of specialty items including craft beer labels, cosmetic labels, and food and beverage containers that require intricate design details, precision color matching, and a quality finish. Because digital printing doesn’t require expensive flexo plates, it allows customers to save both time and money while delivering the outstanding results they demand.

Flexo printing offers a wide range of customization options to make your labels stand out.

If you’re looking for a printing process that supports your desire to make an impact with your labels, flexo printing is the way to go. Flexo printing stands out from digital printing in that its versatility and customization options are far greater, making it the perfect choice for labels needing a special touch. With flexo printing, one has access to metalized films, holographic films, linens, and multiple coatings which create unique textures in the design—giving brands the opportunity to create something truly unforgettable. With flexo, you can transform product labels into works of art that foster consumer engagement while effectively passing product information along.

If you need your labels in a hurry, digital printing is the fastest option.

Digital printing is the fastest way to get your labels, particularly when compared with flexo printing. With flexo printing, there is more setup and prep work which can result in a longer turnaround time. But digital printing cuts out these middle steps as the labels are printed using a digital machine. This means you’ll get your product much faster with impressively accurate results that truly jump off the shelf. Digital printing allows you to get the same great quality flexo can provide without worrying about extended delivery times. If you need your labels in a hurry, then digital printing is your go-to solution!

When it comes to quality, both flexo and digital printing methods produce high-quality results.

Flexo and digital printing are two of the best methods for producing quality results, without sacrificing speed or precision. Comparing flexo vs digital printing, flexo is best when it comes to larger projects with more label embellishments. Digital printing, on the other hand, offers unparalleled flexibility and faster turnaround —making it a great choice for short-run labels and graphics. No matter which method you choose, flexo or digital printing, you’ll be sure to get stellar results every time.

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