Are you looking for eco labeling solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of your products or work place? There are many different uses for labels, one of the most common being product labels. Product labels are typically single use and end up being discarded once the product is used up. Another application of labels that creates a fair amount of waste is labels in the workplace. Hospitals, construction sites, and industrial settings all require labels for equipment and these labels tend to need frequent replacement. If you are looking for an easy and affordable way to make your labeling needs more environmentally friendly, Flexo-Graphics can help.

Flexo-Graphics’ Eco Labeling Solutions:

  • Sustainable Product Labels – Flexo-Graphics offers a wide variety of customization options and labeling styles for product labels. In addition to custom colors, dimensions, branding, and durability, you can also choose the material your labels are printed on. If you are looking for eco labeling products, Flexo-Graphics offers recyclable and compostable print options. This way you can rest easy knowing your labels can be disposed of responsibly and will not take up space in a landfill for years to come. 
  • Eco Labeling For The Workplace – Safety, instruction, and warning labels are used for various equipment and machinery across multiple industries. The labels are often a large contributor to waste due to how frequently they need to be replaced to remain usable and easy to read. If these labels are needed in rugged conditions or in high traffic areas, the best way to reduce waste and your carbon footprint is to use high durability labels to get the most life and use out of your products. This reduces the need for frequent replacement. Flexo-Graphics offers increased durability coatings and print options including proofing against weather, extreme heat or cold, water, UV rays, chemical exposure and much more! Flexo-Graphics also uses durable print material and strong bonding agents to help these labels last in the most rugged conditions. 

Need To Find Sustainable Labels?

If you are looking for eco labeling solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of your business, contact Flexo-Graphics here! Flexo-Graphics and their team of labeling experts are ready to help you find the best labeling solutions for your needs. 


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