Eco Friendly Wine Labels – Eye Catching and Sustainable

Are you looking for eco friendly wine labels that are eye-catching, sustainable, and durable? Flexo-Graphics can help you design the perfect wine labels for your brand that can do all of this and more. Branding is everything in the wine and spirits industry. There are so many options on the shelf that consumers often get overwhelmed and eventually end up choosing a brand based on the look and feel of their label when they want to try something new. However, sustainability and reducing your brand’s carbon footprint is also important. If you are looking for a beautifully designed label that will draw your consumer in, while also being mindful of the environment, an eco friendly wine label can help to accomplish all of this and more. 

Benefits of Flexo-Graphics’ Eco Friendly Wine Labels:

  • Recyclable –These eco friendly wine labels are recyclable, so you can rest assured that your products will be more environmentally friendly  than traditional label materials. 
  • Customizable – Flexo-Graphics also offers top notch design and customization services to create a label just as unique as your brand. This includes label textures, custom colors, logos, branding, phrasing, and more, to make your label stand out against the competition.
  • Durable – Just as important as the design quality, is the durability of a label. In order for a label to be effective it needs to stay in place and be easy to read. For this reason, Flexo-Graphics professionally prints their labels on high quality substrates, backed with strong adhesives. You can also add durable print finishes that make your labels resistant to water, temperature, light, and more for added protection.

Want To Learn More About Recyclable Labels For Wine and Spirits?

If you are interested in creating eco friendly wine labels for your brand, contact Flexo-Graphics here! Flexo-Graphics and their team of label design and printing experts are ready to help you create the perfect label for your brand. 

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