Dissolvable Labels For Reusable Containers

Dissolvable labels are a great way to temporarily label products where information is regularly changed, or for containers that are reused or repurposed after use. Temporary dissolvable labels are water-soluble, meaning they can be easily removed with water when it is time to change the label, without leaving behind a sticky residue. If you are looking for high quality dissolvable labels that are easy to read, durable, and easily removed after use, Flexo-Graphics can help. Flexo-Graphics offers an extensive line of customizable labels, including dissolvable labels, that are perfect for industries that need to rotate inventory and regularly update storage labels of reusable containers.

What Products and Industries Require Dissolvable Labels?

  • Laboratory Test Tubes – Glass test tubes in labs are a perfect example of reusable containers that could benefit from water soluble labels. In lab settings, test tubes must be labeled to disclose the contents of the tube to ensure safety and accuracy. However, these test tubes aren’t just disposed of after use, so you want to use labels that are easy to remove so the tubes can be cleaned and used again.
  • Food Service Labels – In the foodservice industry, food storage containers are often labeled with contents to easily locate products, as well as dates to ensure food safety. As food inventory changes quickly and the storage containers are washed and restocked with new products, dissolvable labels are ideal for easy removal and replacement.
  • Storage – In warehouses and facilities where storage containers are reused and stock frequently changes, dissolvable labels are a great option to mark containers with high-quality labels that can be easily removed as products are changed out.

Contact Flexo-Graphics for Custom Label Solutions

If you are interested in learning more or placing an order for your own customized, dissolvable labels, contact us today!  We offer high-quality labels, full customization, and unmatched customer service, to make sure you get the best labels for your needs.

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