Custom Disinfectant Labels 

In light of the covid-19 pandemic, more and more manufacturers are beginning to produce disinfectant products, and are in need of disinfectant labels that can set them apart from the competition. Products like hand sanitizer, antiseptic wipes, and disinfectant spray are in high demand, with many stores begging to produce their own products, as they can hardly keep these necessities on the shelf. If you are considering producing your own line of disinfectant products, you will want custom disinfectant labels that are eye-catching and clearly display product information to demonstrate the effectiveness of your product. If you are in need of high quality, affordable, custom disinfectant labels Flexo-Graphics can help!

Benefits of Designing Custom Disinfectant Labels with Flexo-Graphics:

  • Full Customization – Flexo-Graphics offers full customization to include specific dimensions, brand specific color and logos, required safety warnings, product information, and more. This allows you to create the best custom labels and packaging for your needs.   
  • File Management – Flexo-Graphics offers file and graphic management services, so that your designs can be easily saved and recalled for printing when you need to restock on labels and packaging.  
  • Unmatched Customer Service – Flexo-Graphics will assign an account manager to your file, who will learn about your business and specific needs to help you understand and create the right packaging for your products.
  • Affordability –As Flexo-Graphics handles everything including design, file management, warehousing, printing, and more in house, this helps to keep overhead down, resulting in affordable pricing for high quality products.

Do You Need Custom Disinfectant Labels?

The right label will catch your customer’s eye, provide pertinent information, and help to create brand recognition and awareness to keep that customer coming back. Flexo-Graphics has the knowledge and experience to help you do just this! Contact Flexo-Graphics here to learn more about custom label design and get started!  

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