Custom textured labels add a unique element to your products that make them stand out on the shelf, and entice the consumer to pick up and interact with your product. Custom textured labels are often used for products including wine and champagne bottles, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, food products, and much more. Enhancing your labels with custom texture is an easy and cost effective way to go the extra mile to catch the customer’s eye, and jump off the shelf. In a market where packaging and labels define a product, and directly influences a shopper’s decision, the use of a custom textured label, that encourages the customer to interact with your products, can make all the difference. If you are interested in custom textured labels for your brand, Flexo-Graphics can help. 

Flexo-Graphics Custom Textured Labels:

  • Matte Coating – A matte finish on your label makes your packaging look professional, clean, and will help to stand out when compared to standard gloss finishes. Matte labels look modern, and are an affordable way to catch the customer’s eye.
  • Tactile Varnish – A tactile varnish can give a raised appearance to the detail on your labels, which encourages shoppers to physically interact with your product, making them more likely to purchase. This raised tactile finish is often used on nutraceuticals and wine products, to make their logos, and designs pop. 
  • Sandpaper Finish – Labels with a Sandpaper finish have an interesting gritty texture, that much like tactile varnishes, encourage the shopper to touch and interact with the product. This finish also gives the label an eclectic look that works great for wine, champagne, and home décor labels.

Need Custom Textured Labels?

If you would like to take your labels to the next level with a custom finish, contact Flexo-Graphics Today! Flexo-Graphics is a trusted flexographic printer that will provide you with expert advice, design, printing, and a quality product, for an affordable price. Reach out today to get started!

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