5 Tips For Professionally Printing & Designing Custom Beer Labels For Cans

5 Tips For Professionally Printing & Designing Custom Beer Labels For Cans

Whether you’re a large craft beer brand or microbrewery, giving your brews some eye-catching can labels is an essential part of the product packaging process. Without it, your products may not stand out in a crowded marketplace and could be overlooked. However, if done right, with professional label printing and design services like that offered by Flexo-Graphics – you can create labels customized to reflect your style while ensuring they look amazing on cans and bottles alike! In this post, we’ll share five tips to help you get started when designing custom beer labels for cans. Keep reading to find out more about how our experts at Flexo-Graphics can help make the process easier – providing exceptional results every time!

Choose the right label materials and finishes for the job

One of the first steps to creating custom beer labels that really stand out is choosing the right materials and finishes. Not only will high-quality print materials and adhesives make your label look better, but choosing the right materials will ensure that your labels will hold up through whatever conditions they see. The professionals at Flexo-Graphics are experts in label design, print, and finishing technologies so they know exactly what kind of materials and finishes will provide maximum impact. Flexo-Graphics also offers waterproof label finishes and print options that can take an ice-cold beer bath without damage, ensuring all custom beer labels will look great no matter what!

Consider the size and shape of your can to make sure your label fits perfectly

When it comes to custom beer labels, size, and shape are key! Achieving a perfect fit doesn’t have to be hard though, the professional label print and design experts at Flexo-Graphics will work with you to incorporate custom dimensions, cuts, colors, and more to perfectly fit your product and turn heads when stacked up next to the competition.

Use a high-quality design to create an eye-catching label that will grab attention

DIY is great, but when creating a product label, you want a professional look to establish your brand and reliable and high quality. For this reason, creating the perfect custom beer labels requires professional graphic design talent that really emphasizes the look and feels of your brand. Flexo-Graphics’ in-house team of graphic designers has all the ability and experience to help enhance your high-quality designs that will truly make an eye-catching label. From professional layout choices that ensure a striking register to vivid colors that pop off the can, crafting a professional label is easy! No matter what you’re looking for in terms of style or design, Flexo-Graphics can help you get the results you desire.

Utilize special effects like metallic inks, metallic materials, and varnishes to capture customers’ attention and add dimension to your beer label

Stand out among the competition with custom beer labels that feature special effects like metallic inks and custom textures. It is proven that customers are more likely to buy products that they pick up and interact with, and incorporating these texturized design elements is a great way to encourage product interaction. The label print and design experts at Flexo-Graphics can help you create a unique, eye-catching label that captures customers’ attention and adds texture to your craft beer. With 40 years of custom label printing experience, you can trust their team to craft custom labels that stand out on any shelf.

Make sure to test print your labels before production so you know they look good before going out into the world

On your journey to creating custom beer labels, label testing is an important step that could save you time and money. Flexo-Graphics recommends you test print your labels before production to make sure they look as good as you imagined them and that their durability stands up to your expectations. Flexo-Graphics offers label samples to test prior to production so you can make changes while avoiding mistakes in the final result. Take control of the look of your labels and test print them today with the label design experts at Flexo-Graphics!

Want To Learn More About Printing Custom Beer Labels With Flexo-Graphics?

The label printing experts at Flexo-Graphics have been perfecting custom beer labels for over 40 years. With their expertise and knowledge, they are the go-to source when it comes to creating the perfect label design and print to meet your needs. If you want to learn more about printing custom beer labels with Flexo-Graphics, contact us today!


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