Compliance Labeling: Professional Safety and Hazard Label Printing 

What Is Compliance Labeling?

Compliance labeling refers to labeling products with safety, hazard, and warning labels that are required by the particular industry, FDA, UL, or other organization that is responsible for setting safety requirements for the use of different tools and consumer products. Safety compliant labels serve the purpose of warning users of any risk that is associated with using a particular product. An example of this would be a label that is placed on pool chemical containers that warn the user of the dangers of exposure to skin and eyes, and consumption of the product. There are many consumer and industrial products, across industries that are legally required to have safety and warning labels to protect users. Oftentimes these labels have print requirements that dictate the size, color, and verbiage that must be included on the label for them to comply with the industry requirements. For this reason, most manufacturers, and suppliers of products that require safety-compliant labels choose to professionally print their labels with label printers that are well versed in compliance label printing.

What Industries Need Safety and Hazard Compliant Labels?

There are numerous industries that require compliance labels to warn users of associated risks. Some of these industries include:

  • Batteries – Small consumer grade batteries used for household items, car batteries, and large commercial batters used for generators and other large equipment all require compliance labels. Batteries present several risks including combustion and physical injury. For this reason, batteries are legally required to be labeled to inform users of these hazards.
  • Chemicals – Like the example previously mentioned, chemicals like chlorine used in pools, or pesticides and weed killers used for gardening and farming require compliance labels. Not only do these labels state any risks and hazards these chemicals present to humans or the environment, but they also provide necessary information for proper use.   
  • Cosmetics – Much like food, the FDA requires cosmetic products to include labels that show they are in compliance with FDA regulations that are set to protect users from applying products to their hair, face and skin that could cause adverse reactions or physical harm. 
  • Food and Beverage – The FDA sets many regulations for food and beverage products to keep consumers safe and ensure people are not consuming products that contain harmful ingredients or chemicals. Food and Beverage items will include FDA compliance labels to show they are following the required guidelines.   
  • Pharmaceuticals –The FDA also regulates and approves medications and supplements. Pharmaceutical products include compliance labeling to meet FDA regulations.  

Printing Compliance Labels:

If you produce products in an industry that requires compliance labels, it is important to work with knowledgeable label printers that are well versed in compliance label material requirements and regulations for each industry. It is also very important that these labels are properly printed with high-quality materials so that they can stay in place and are easy to read. When looking to work with professional printers for compliance labels, UL labels, or any other type of safety and hazard label, you should consider the following:

  • Design – UL labels and compliance labels have various design requirements that must be included, so it is important to work with label printers that are certified and capable of meeting these design requirements. This includes design elements like proper coloring, dimensions, and verbiage to be compliant with industry guidelines. 
  • Label Quality – Your label printer must also be capable of printing high-quality, durable labels that will stay in place and are easy to see and read. Flexo-Graphics uses high-quality print materials and strong adhesives to produce durable label products. We also offer various print finishes to make your labels resistant to damaging elements like extreme temperatures, water, chemicals, and UV light. 
  • Knowledge – One of the most important elements to consider when working with a label print and design firm for compliance labels, is their level of knowledge and experience. Flexo-Graphics has nearly 40 years of experience in this field and is a trusted name in the label printing industry. Our team is well versed in compliance label printing and UL certification and labeling. If you choose to work with Flexo-Graphics we will assign an account manager to you who will learn about your needs and work to provide you with the best labeling solutions for your applications.  

Want To Learn More About Professionally Printing Safety Compliant and UL Labels?

If you want to learn more about compliance labeling, contact Flexo-Graphics! Our team is here to answer your questions and assist you with all your labeling needs. Call today to get started!

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