Custom Vitamin & Nutraceutical Labels – How Professional Label Printing & Design Promotes Brand Awareness  & Consumer Safety

Custom Vitamin & Nutraceutical Labels – How Professional Label Printing & Design Promotes Brand Awareness  & Consumer Safety Are you in the market for professional product labels that will make your vitamins, supplements, and nutraceutical brands stand out from the rest? Are you looking to create clear, eye-catching packaging that resonates with potential customers and promotes brand awareness? With custom

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Supplement Label Printing Services

If you produce products like vitamin supplements, or over the counter medications, you might be looking for affordable supplement label printing services that can help you with all of your labeling needs. Whether you are looking for standard labels, water resistance, booklet, or fold-out labels, Flexo-Graphics can serve as a one-stop-shop to help you create the best label for your

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Nutraceutical Marketing – Why the Label Matters Most

Nutraceutical marketing is a broad term including dietary supplements, food additives, and other nutrient-enriched products offering health benefits to the user. The benefits could be a specific vitamin or supplement the individual might be missing from their diet. Over the years, this market has exploded as more individuals seek alternative options over the expensive cost of medical care. This interest

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Key Elements for Nutraceutical Labeling

Coined in 1989, the word nutraceutical is a combination of the words “nutrition” and “pharmaceutical.” Although nutraceuticals include products as diverse as vitamin supplements and organic cereals, their composition immediately presents challenges for developing nutraceutical labeling that conforms to existing regulations and, moreover, meets customer expectations. While there is no certain style of labeling that nutraceuticals must possess, there are

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5 Key Features for Pharmacy Dietary Supplement Labels

If you operate a pharmacy that’s considering unveiling a line of store brand dietary supplements, the supplement labels you use for the new products could impact the health of customers. Below, we take a look at five key features of dietary supplement labels that your label provider should include on the labels you order, excluding the obvious features of listing

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Nutraceutical Packaging – What Do Consumers Want?

The supplement industry accounts for about 37 billion dollars a year in sale, and is expected to reach a whopping 270 billion by the year 2024. At least that’s what analyst are predicting. Google has opened a whole new world to both the young and old. With health research just a keystroke away, and sponsored advertising flooding our social media

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Custom Nutraceutical Labeling Helps Products Stay Fresh in the Consumers Mind

More companies than ever seen before are introducing nutraceutical products into the consumer market. They have been designed to offer some sort of health benefit to buyers. Several provide a vitamin that would otherwise not be present while others offer unique health benefits. The term nutraceutical originated back in 1989 as a way to categorize products offering some type of

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Who’s Buying Nutraceuticals?

The nutraceutical market has exploded in the last decade as consumers turn to alternative options over traditional healthcare. For some individuals, it is the high cost of insurance and for others the driving force is the belief that supplements are the best choice. The consistent buzz around food sources regarding GMO’s and additional types of harmful ingredients has created a

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Are Your Nutraceutical Snack Labels Getting Noticed?

Nutraceuticals or dietary supplements encompass a large variety of products including snacks packed with specific nutrients or vitamins. At one time this industry focused more on supplement capsules such as garlic or beet root. Today, nutraceuticals include drinks, snacks and other items offering similar benefits. This dietary category is derived from whole foods with the purpose of augmenting one’s health.

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Sample Packs Help Nutraceutical Companies Sell More

For companies that sell nutraceutical supplements, motivating prospective customers to invest in the products can be challenging. Due in part to the voluminous amounts of information that are available online about prescription medications, health supplements, and their potential side effects, many would-be customers are hesitant to take nutraceuticals for fear of a bad reaction. How can this perception be addressed?

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