What Is A Bounce Back Coupon Label?

What is a bounce back coupon label? Also known as instant redeemable coupons, or IRC labels, these are stick on labels often used for products in the retail and grocery space that offer instantly redeemable savings on that product or another product from the same brand. Bounce back coupon labels are an easy and affordable way to catch buyers’ attention and establish brand loyalty. Shoppers are more likely to choose your product over the competition when they are offered savings, and once they have purchased from your brand they are more likely to become repeat customers. 

How are bounce back coupon labels used? IRCs are often used by brands with various different products.  For example, if a toothpaste brand also makes mouthwash, they may use a bounce back coupon on the toothpaste to offer savings on their mouthwash. IRCs can also be used to cross promote between sister brands or offer savings and BOGO deals on a singular product. These coupon labels are also commonly seen during the holiday season to offer seasonal promotions. 

Benefits Of Flexo-Graphics Bounce Back Coupon Labels:

  • Custom – Flexo-Graphics’ skilled team of designers will help you create the perfect coupon label for your needs. You can include brand specific colors, logos, phrasing, and more to let your customers know exactly who you are. 
  • Durable – Flexo-Graphics is a trusted label printer who uses high quality substrates and strong adhesives to ensure your labels stay in place and are easy to read. 
  • Eye-Catching – If you are looking to create labels and coupons that will grab attention and help build brand awareness the use of these custom bounce back coupon labels will help you do exactly that for an affordable price. 

Want To Learn More About IRC Labels?

If you are interested in using custom bounce back coupon labels for your brand, contact Flexo-Graphics here. 


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